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''Who I am...''

Kuka olen?

  • Special expertise includes helping dancers, as well as coaching dance enthusiasts. As a personal dance coach, I help you train sensibly and technically correctly with quality, whether you are at the gym, dance studio or at home. I will also help you with nutrition, and on a mental level without any pop art.
  • My name is Jouni Ilonen and I have worked as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 10 years. I have more than 20 years of experience as a competitive and ballet dancer. I also work as an independent Herbalife distributor.

What kind of clients do I accept for coaching?

  • I also offer services for lifestyle changers, weight management (those on a diet/those who have gotten toned), and customer groups interested in building muscle mass and strength.
  • My special expertise focuses on dancers and hobbyists interested in dance.
  • I am interested in helping people for whom health, exercise and healthy lifestyles are close to their hearts in a mental rather than a physical form. In my coaching, I want to help people see the inner and outer beauty/handsomeness in themselves throughout the journey they are going through

Who is coaching suitable for? What kind of working method do I have as a coach?

  • My goal is to give you a muscular and strong body that is elastic and supple at the same time.
  • In my own coaching, I want to use a variety of techniques that the client can benefit from.
  • My way of working with people can be seen at every point in how I am demanding and motivating to achieve results, but I always try to keep humor, - and joy in the atmosphere; whether it's a private lesson, individual coaching or a group lesson. In coaching, I use both local and remote meetings.
  • In connection with coaching, I will build a personal exercise and nutrition program for you based on your goals, whether it is weight control, lifestyle change, building muscle mass and strength or sport-specific training.
  • Coaching is suitable for you if you want to learn the basics of gym training and you want to develop your own skills to the next level. You are also ready to work independently and don't wait for some "miracle pill" to make things happen

Educational background

Personal Trainer & erikois osaamiset

  • Hyvinvointivalmentaja (2018) /Trainer4You
  • Kuntosalivalmentaja (2019) / Trainer4You
  • Personal Trainer (2020) / Trainer4You
  • Voimavalmentaja (2022) / Trainer4You
  • Psyykkinen Valmentaja (2022) / Trainer4You
  • Ravintovalmentaja (2023) / Trainer4You
  • Sisäpyörä ohjaajakoulutus (2022)/ Erimover
  • Ryhmäliikunnan ohjaaja koulutus /Trainer4You (2023)
  • Pilates ohjaaja / (2023) Trainer4You
  • Yoga- ohjaaja / Trainer4You (2024)

Ryhmäliikunta lisenssi koulutukset

  • Zumba®️ Fitness ohjaaja (2015)
  • AQUA Zumba®️ ohjaaja (2018)
  • Zumba®️ Step ohjaaja (2020)
  • Zumba®️ Toning ohjaaja (2020)
  • Zumba®️ Gold ohjaaja (2020)
  • Zumba Gold-Toning ohjaaja (2020)
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr Ohjaaja (2021)
  • Zumbini®️ & Zumbini for School ohjaaja (2022)
  • STRONG Nation®️ Ohjaaja (2016)
  • LesMills Bodypump®️ -ohjaaja (2020)
  • Circle Mobility™-ohjaaja (2023)
  • SaunaYoga®️- ohjaaja (2019)
  • Bailatino®️- Ohjaaja (2012)
  • Bailatino® Senior (2016)
  • SaunaYoga® (2019)
  • Zumba Basic 2-lisäkoulutus (2018)
  • Zumba Rhythms 3-lisäkoulutus (2020)
  • Zumba pro skills-lisäkoulutus (2019)
  • Plate by Zumba®️ (2020)
  • Zumba Sentao™ (2023)
  • ZIN™ Mentor


  • Suomen Kansallisoopperan balettioppilaitos (2009-2013)
  • Helsingin Baletti Academy (2013-2014)

Muu koulutukset

  • Merkonomi (SPORT) Liiketoiminnan perustutkinto, (2023, Rastor Instituutio Ry)
  • AD-mainosmalli/ Fashion Model Agency (2013)
  • Tanssitapahtuma tuottaja (2010)/ DanceAction
  • Seuraohjaajakoulutus Taso1/Suomen Tanssiurheiluliitto (2012)
  • Nuori Suomi ohjaajan (2010)
  • Seuraohjaaja koulutus (Taso 1) FHP & OPOP (FHP=Fyysisen harjoittelun perusteet ja OPOP=Oppimisen ja taidon opettamisen perusteet)
  • Ensiavun koulutus /Suomen Ensiapukoulutus Oy/ 2022
  • Hieroja /Helsingin hieronta Akatemia