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Let's workout


STRENGHT muscle fitness classes focus on large and small muscle groups.

The class utilizes tabata, PHA and functional field training with techniques and focuses on technique first.

The lesson can be held against time or to the rhythm of the music.

The class utilizes training movements familiar from the gym. The class is a fun workout for exercisers of all ages and levels who want to.

The class starts with a small warm-up, from which we move on to the training part and finally to cooldown/stretching. The lesson uses e.g. plate weights, free weights, pump bar, gym mat, kettlebells, etc.

Cardio & Bike traning

Cardio & Bike classes focus on raising the heart rate from basic endurance to maximum endurance. Cardio classes strengthen your condition, especially the heart muscle, which is the main center.

Classes are held to the beat of music and against time, and various equipment is used such as a spinning wheel, a step board and various weights.

The class is a fun workout for exercisers of all ages and levels who want to.

Dance training

Dance classes allow you to dance to international rhythms and have fun. The lesson develops coordination, memory, expression skills, and cardio. The class is easy, fast-paced and fun for exercisers of all ages.

Some of the classes focus on dance technique, which helps you better to do the movements correctly and safely. We use ballet and competitive dance techniques in particular, as well as other different dance styles.

Mental traning

Mental trainingclasses focus on your body's recovery and endurance. Various elements of spirituality and relaxation are made into the classes, which helps you in your mental well-being. The classes also offer various stretching and mid-body classes, e.g. pilates, yoga, etc.

For classes, you only need a gym mat and the body care equipment you want, e.g. yoga blogs, roller, rubber bands, etc.